About Art in Situ

In addition to their photography work, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery is pleased to represent the installation work of Julie Boserup, Charles Pétillon, Javier Riera, Georges Rousse, Marleen Sleeuwits, and Barry Underwood. Installation art challenges space as a medium as well as a subject matter, proposing another image of the real.  Whether exterior or interior,  in public space or site-specific, these artists’ installations provide a new interpretation of the space, offering the viewer an other sensorial and aesthetical experience.

Julie Boserup creates site-specific architectural collages that delve into the meaning of architecture itself. Charles Pétillon invades mundane spaces with white balloons, enlisting his viewer to re-examine their surroundings. Javier Riera uses geometrically shaped light projections on landscapes in order to echo what already exists in nature. Georges Rousse transforms abandoned or soon-to-be-demolished buildings into visions of color and shape that resonate through his camera lens. Marleen Sleeuwits finds impersonal spaces and strips them to their core components, only to rebuild them again with materials found on-site. Barry Underwood marks landscapes with LED lights and other luminescent substances to point out the immutable traces human interventions leave behind. 

These artists have been commissioned to create installations around the world including North America, Europe, and Asia, in both public and private locations such as museums, historical buildings, parks, botanical gardens, abandoned buildings, hospitals, collector‘s private homes and much more. 

Sous Les Etoiles Gallery collaborative approach provide artists opportunity to develop idea and concept  and extend their practice according specific location and occasions.  Recently Sous Les Etoiles Gallery were commissioned to deliver creative projects and art pieces for brand in the retail industry.

For more information on their availability or installation specifications of the artists please contact gallery director Corinne Tapia  at corinne@souslesetoilesgallery.net

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