Laurent Zylberman made his first photographic reports while immersed in London's punk-rock music scene in 1980, before hitch-hiking to New York City via Greenland.  For the next ten years, Zylberman traveled throughout Mexico, China and India for clients Sygma (now Corbis) and Asiaweek to show the social and industrial development of these areas.  Since then, Zylberman has contributed to numerous international publications, and has exhibited at Rita Castellote Gallery in Madrid, Spain; International Journalism Festival in Angers, France; and LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, VA, among others.  In 1997, he founded the agency Graphix-Images in Paris, where he is currently based.

After the riots of March 14-16 in 2008, Zylberman and journalist Eric Meyer were among the first westerners authorized to enter in Tibet.  His series A Journey in Tibet is based on their 15-day mission through “The Top of the World," between Lhasa, Shigatze, Giangtze and Namso Lake.

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