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On Listening To Trees


8.4 x 11.4

184 pages

Publisged by Atelier EXB

Texts by Albarran Cabrera, Yves Darricau, Herman Hesse

ISBN : 978-2-36511-366-3


The Spanish artists duo Albarrán Cabrera has a special relationship with nature. Source of inspiration, photographic subject or almost unreal setting, it is always, in one way or another, present in their images. A common thread in their production, trees are often seen there: the shadow of a branch, the drawing of foliage that has become abstract or even a tortuous silhouette in the center of the frame. The images alternate between a palette of vivid colours, bordering on abstraction, and more monochrome tones, evoking a certain melancholy, plunging us into timeless landscapes. The result is a dreamlike, almost surreal world, unique to the Spanish duo.


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