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Photographic Syntax


9.45 x 6.7

192 pages

Published by the(M) éditions & IBASHO (2nd Edition) - 2023

Text by Albarran Cabrera

ISBN-13: 979-10-95424-33-8

In 'Photographic Syntax', ALBARRÁN CABRERA explains why they produce their own images using different photographic processes, why they use the medium of photography as a learning tool, and the thoughts behind images, many of them previously unpublished.

“At first, we photographed with the simple intention of recording what we saw. But soon our interest shifted from capturing the superficial appearance of reality to investigating its ‘underlying structure’. Thus, photography has in this way become the perfect philosophical tool with which to understand the world and our images are the by-product of that investigation, the notebooks of our research.”
― from Albarrán Cabrera’s introduction



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