Karl Martin Holzhäuser's fascinating work

Karl Martin Holzhäuser is a photographer, yet his pictures are difficult to identify as photographs.  Holzhäuser's works are not a reflection of reality; his photos are non-objective images produced completely in the dark, using self-developed lighting equipment, fitted with various diaphragms and filters, to “paint” his motifs directly onto the photographic paper. This book provides a comprehensive overview of Holzhäuser‘s fascinating work and spans the period from the 1960s up to his current works.

Clothbound hardcover, 224 pages

11.8 x 9.5 in.

Published by Verlag Kettler, Bilingual edition (German/English)

Texts by Gerhard Glüher and Gottfried Jäger

Jutta Hülsewig-Johnen in conversation with Karl Martin Holzhäuser


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